Rally at City Hall – Saturday May 7 at 11 am! Neighbourhoods from across Vancouver will protest Broadway Plan and citywide Vancouver Plan

We’re sharing information about this grassroots protest at City Hall, north steps, starting 11 am on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Several speakers will report on the details described below, give a status report on what’s going on at City Hall, and talk about what people can do.

One-page poster (PDF): Poster of Rally at City Hall 2022-05-07 (1 pager, rev)

Two-page notice (PDF): Notice of Rally at City Hall 2022-05-07

Rally at City Hall – Saturday May 7 at 11 am!

Join neighbourhoods across the city in protest of citywide tower plans 

The Broadway Plan and Vancouver Plan are coming soon!
These plans promote massive tower development citywide, intended to become the Official Community Plan.

Bring your friends, family, neighbours! Spread the word!

Saturday May 7 at 11 am!

Meet at the north entrance of City Hall
at 12th Ave. & Cambie St.

Bring a placard with the name of your neighbourhood if you can.


Broadway Plan – Going to council May 18 for approval.
Information Boards

Covers 16th Ave. to 1st Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, South Granville and part of Kitsilano to Vine St.
Plus it affects Grandview to Commercial Dr. that is following similar typologies.

Base Typologies:

  • Centres – Station Areas 30-40 storeys
  • Centres – Shoulder Areas 20-30 storeys
  • Villages – 4-6 storeys
  • Residential – Existing Apartment Areas (currently 3-4 storeys) up to 20 storeys
  • Residential – Existing Low Density (Existing RT zones character house retention with multiple suites/infill) 6-18 storeys
  • Industrial Employment – Allows towers, unspecified

If the subway extension to UBC is approved, these kinds of typologies are likely to be extended throughout Kitsilano and West Point Grey, with Jericho Lands as a station area development typology.

Vancouver Plan – Going to council June/July for approval.
Information Boards

Draft Vancouver Plan

  • Significantly increases higher density development across the city
  • New regional designations for Major Transit Growth Corridors along existing bus routes
  • Expanded transit development corridors and areas
  • Development growth targeted near neighbourhood centres up to 12 storeys on side streets
  • 12 -18 storeys close to stations with high towers on stations and major projects
  • Multiplexes allowed throughout RS and RT zones covering the rest of the city
  • Little to no reference to neighbourhood character or heritage buildings
  • Incorporates major plans such as Broadway Plan, Jericho Lands, etc.
  • Overrides Community Plans and Visions

More Links:

Above: Vancouver Plan proposes high-rises in every neighbourhood in all shades of purple. Low to mid-rise and multiplexes everywhere.

Above: 3D model of how high-rises under the Broadway Plan will look east from Vine Street (foreground) in Kitsilano to Fairview then Mount Pleasant in the horizon. S. Bohus, BLA.

Above: Broadway Plan for Fairview South Granville – Looking North. Image: S. Bohus, BLA.