CVN letter to Council: OPPOSED – Citywide Removal of Views through View Cone Amendments (July 10, 2024 meeting)

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July 9, 2024
City of Vancouver

Dear Mayor Ken Sim and Councillors,

Re: Citywide Removal of Views through View Cone Amendments
Agenda 2024-07-10

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) strongly opposes the recommendations to reduce and remove public views in the view cones. This is privatizing public views for the interests of the development industry and the most wealthy who can afford these views.

We also oppose that this report is being brought forward in the middle of the summer with no meaningful advanced public process. This is not a legislated requirement of the Province, so the City cannot blame it on them. This is 100% an undemocratic process of the City.

The City of Vancouver used to be world renowned for the planning and development process that protected the public views, provided parks and amenities, and involved its citizens in a meaningful public process. If this Council approves this report, it is complicit in the destruction of this legacy.

Once the public views are privatized as proposed, there is no going back. Do not make this terrible mistake. Refer this report back to staff for further public consultation and a proper process.


Co-Chairs Larry Benge & Dorothy Barkley
CVN Steering Committee,
Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

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