CVN writes Council supporting reconsideration of RS Zoning Amendments and Related Strata Title Guidelines (18-Dec-2018)

December 17, 2018
City of Vancouver Mayor & Council
Dear Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Councillors,
Re: Report – Reconsider RS Zoning Amendments and Related Strata Title Guidelines

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) strongly supports reconsidering the RS zoning amendments and proceeding with referral to the required public hearing as quickly as possible. CVN previously sent a letter to council supporting the related motion.

Of the options listed in the staff report, we support approving the previous motion to reconsider the RS rezoning amendments and related guidelines, and referring this to public hearing expeditiously.

The results of the recent election clearly indicated a need for change to the planning process. We therefore, look forward to a new collaborative relationship with the City, to help bring about those changes and work towards developing a new city-wide plan.

Larry Benge, Co-Chair
Dorothy Barkley, Co-Chair

On behalf of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods