Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) statement on the 2022 Election

Download PDF: CVN-Election statement 2022-09-28

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) on the 2022 Election
September 28, 2022

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) is a nonpartisan network of resident and community groups citywide that have come together on common issues of agreement and concern. The following is our mission as stated in the Principles and Goals document approved by the CVN groups.

Mission of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

The mission of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) is to restore and strengthen the central role of neighbourhoods in shaping land use, transportation, and development decisions in the City of Vancouver.

We aim for a genuinely collaborative partnership among the City and its residents, organizations, and businesses.

Neighbourhood-based planning founded on meaningful community involvement in decision-making is essential to Vancouver’s future as a liveable city of neighbourhoods that is more sustainable, affordable, resilient and inclusive. Read more:

To that end, CVN is very concerned about the directions of the current planning process at the City of Vancouver. CVN is opposed to both of the recently approved Broadway Plan and Vancouver Plan that, if implemented, would shape future growth of the city as it becomes the Official Community Plan (OCP) and part of the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). The province has threatened to change the Vancouver Charter to allow any rezoning application that is consistent with an OCP to proceed without a public hearing.

The CVN letters to City Council on these plans can be found as follows:

– CVN on the Vancouver Plan:

– CVN on the Broadway Plan:

– CVN on the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS)

Analysis of Election Party Voting Records and Platforms:

CityHallWatch has done a detailed analysis of each party’s voting record and platform regarding the Broadway Plan and Vancouver Plan. This is fundamental to the future of the city and speaks to the reason for the existence of CVN and the group networks. Only Councillor Colleen Hardwick (TEAM) voted against both of these plans.

CVN’s Mayoralty Candidates Debate was cancelled due to Ken Sim and Kennedy Stewart refusing to participate.

The conclusion, based on the information available for analysis on these key issues, is as follows:

Only TEAM for a Livable Vancouver, with Colleen Hardwick for mayor, have policies to withdraw both the Broadway Plan and Vancouver Plan, to reconsider these plans under a new neighbourhood-based process with meaningful involvement of local residents and businesses, resulting in plans with a high level of their support.

Please be informed, do your due diligence, and vote wisely!

Advance voting: Oct. 1, 5, 8, 11, 13 – Advance voting (Sat/Wed/Sat/Thurs) at most Community Centres

Oct 15 – Election day (Saturday)

Voting locations: 8am to 8pm. See City website/documents/voter cards for locations.