Notice of neighbourhoods rallying at City Hall on May 7, 2022. Download PDFs here:

Notice of Rally at City Hall 2022-05-07 (2 pager, rev, hires)

Poster of Rally at City Hall 2022-05-07 (1 pager, rev)

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods’ Principles and Goals (143kb PDF)

Contact your Vancouver Mayor and Council via Email and Twitter

The City of Vancouver website provides official contact information. You can view the official contact information here:

CityHallWatch maintains a more accessible set of contact info for Vancouver city officials and additional info here:

Community Building

The Rise of the 20 minute Neighbourhood

Development / Densification

CBC Doc Zone: The Condo Game
“The first startling revelation for many people will be how very much the condo market is focused on investor profit, not affordable housing. One expert even says that it’s really not a housing market but a commodities play. And that means that average Canadians, looking for a primary residence, are inadvertently joining a game for which they don’t have the rule book.”
Vancouver Population Statistics
Compiled Vancouver census data from the years 2001, 2006, and 2011. Compares Metro Vancouver with City of Vancouver, and growth rates broken down by neighbourhood, with links to the City’s Open Data Catalogue.