Coalition writes City Council on NE False Creek Update and Related Reports (June 19, Item 2)


June 18, 2018

City of Vancouver Mayor & Council

Dear Mayor Gregor Robertson and Councillors,

Re: Council June 19: Item #2. NE False Cr. Update and Related Reports RR-2(a), RR-2(b), RR-2(c)

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods is deeply concerned that these major reports are coming forward in the summer holidays without adequate time for the community to respond. Many member groups have volunteered significant time and energy over the last decade working on these issues, only to find that the final reports do not reflect their input.

We recommend that these reports be amended to reflect the community’s input as noted above.

Some of the outstanding concerns that still need to be addressed are as follows:

Size and location of park. The park orientation reduces the public benefit by changing it inland north-south rather than being on the waterfront east-west. It is designed to maximize developer profits rather than community interests.

Towers in view cones. The stadium site, Lot 10, has a 40-storey tower that pierces the view cone. The Concord site, not yet before rezoning, will have two 42/43-storey buildings, also in the view cone. View cones were designed to benefit the entire city, and should be protected and respected.

Larry Benge, Co-Chair
Dorothy Barkley, Co-Chair