Letter: Neighbourhood coalitions working

Re: “City forms truce with Marpole residents,” Dec. 4,
Editorial and Letters, Vancouver Courier

To the editor:

Re: “City forms truce with Marpole residents,” Dec. 4.

We were interested to read this story about the new attitude city planners seem to have adopted regarding community engagement in Marpole.

As your readers will recall, this summer and fall witnessed unprecedented levels of discontent with the City of Vancouver’s planning process.

This was particularly evident in the neighbourhoods where the city is drawing up 30-year plans — the West End, Marpole, Downtown Eastside, and Grandview-Woodland — but also in many other districts where innumerable hours of residents’ participation has led to little but frustration.

The loudly expressed anger of thousands of residents gave rise to the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, which is now  made up of 21 community associations from across the city.

The prime goal of the coalition is to redesign the planning process to ensure that residents are actively involved in development decisions and that their views are respected.

The coalition has engaged with the planning department and city council to argue for the greater involvement of residents in land use, development and zoning issues.

The apparently more respectful attitude by planners in Marpole is evidence that the efforts of the Coalition, along with those of the Marpole Residents who are part of our Coalition, are having a positive impact.

We will continue to work on behalf of residents across the city, especially where development and zoning projects are being pursued in opposition to the expressed wishes of residents’ representatives and we look forward to better results right across the city.

Jak King, spokesperson,
Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods


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