Planning, Development and Community Engagement: Putting the Community back into Community Planning

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods is proud to announce an All-Party Meeting in advance of the Vancouver Municipal Election.  The meeting will take place at:

 St. James’ Hall, 3214 W. 10th Avenue
 7:00pm to 9:00pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

The theme of the meeting will be:

Planning, Development and Community Engagement: 

Putting the Community back into Community Planning

Each party has been asked to send two candidates standing for either the mayoralty or City Council.  We have already received confirmation of acceptance from five parties.

The final format is still being negotiated, but we will ask each party to respond in opening remarks to the Coalition’s Principles & Goals document that seeks to significantly improve planning, development, and rezoning processes in the city.  Much of the balance of the evening will be given over to an open-mic opportunity for residents to question the candidates about their planning, development, and zoning policies.

Read the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods’ Principles and Goals (143kb PDF)