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Responses from City Council by-election candidates to CVN’s 10 questions

(Updated to 11 am, Oct 13) CVN sent ten questions to candidates for the October 14 civic by-election in Vancouver. See the questions at this link.

Below we provide the responses, in the order received. (To read, you may find it easiest to open two windows — one with the questions, and one with the responses.)

Here is a list of the candidates (alphabetical order) and updated status of their responses:

  • BREMNER, Hector (NPA) – Response received 10/11 (below)
  • CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver)
  • DUNSDON, Mary Jean “Watermelon” (Sensible Vancouver)
  • FRY, Pete (Green Party) – Response received 10/11 (below)
  • GRAVES, Judy (OneCity) Response received 10/13 (below)
  • LEE, Gary
  • MURPHY, Damian J – Response received 10/12 (below)
  • SWANSON, Jean – Response received 10/12 (below)
  • WASILENKOFF, Joshua Continue reading